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We make great apps and websites, and games, and just about anything else you can think of, for the web. Most importantly, we do it with LOVE.


Designing a beautiful interface is just the beginning. We believe in simplicity, clarity and unobtrusiveness. Truly good design should almost go unnoticed. Our designers are also pretty good coders, so as well as being experts in the regular tools, they are equally comfortable designing in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


When it comes to code, we believe in simplicity, clarity and unobtrusiveness. Sound familiar? For us, the principles of design and development are similar. We're always asking "What's the simplest thing that will work?". Our developers keep up with the latest technologies, but avoid jumping on bandwagons.


A beautiful interface and a tight code base are all well and fine. But at the end of the day it's all about the user. That's why User Experience is at the heart of everything we create. Testing and iterating is crucial to our process. We're always striving to improve the User Experience throughout the product life cycle.


Custom API development and integration is a specialty of ours. Plugins and libraries can only get you so far. Sometimes you need a custom solution to make the right connections between apps, without excess functionality that you don't need. That's where we can help.

Mobile Web

Chances are most of your users or at least a good chunk of them are on mobile. We understand that mobile users don't expect a reduced user experience, and at the same time they have different needs to desktop users. We know how to tread the line between those requirements.

Game Development

We love games. Playing them, talking about them, and designing and developing them. We build web based games and we also love introducing gamification into apps.

We use innovative technologies to tell your story

What excites us

We're easily excited when it comes to design and development in general. But here's just a few things that really get us going.

WebGL / 3D

We believe in web technologies, in particular the ones at the cutting edge. We've been proponents of technologies like WebGL and VR from the get go.


Good animation is about enhancing user experience. It's not about wowing with flashy effects. Although we know how to do that when it's called for.

Data Visualization

We love working with data. A good visualization is worth thousands of words.

Code Optimization

Simple, Uncluttered, Reusable, Extensible. SURE. Less is definitely more when it comes to code. We are ruthless when it comes to cutting the fat. If it's not necessary, it's OUT.


Every millisecond counts. That's why we treat performance as a feature, not an afterthought. Your users will thank us for it.


We have extensive know how when it comes to adding advanced, highly custom analytics, either using our own analytics library, or the usual third party tools.

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