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The Opportunity

We began working with RoomChecking in January 2012. At that time, there was an existing desktop and a tablet (iPad) web app, with a bare bones UI created using Twitter Bootstrap. Our objective was to improve the aesthetics and the user experience of the front-end.

Our Approach

RoomChecking is a highly utilitarian app, aimed at users who are working in a busy service environment. The app is translated into English, French and Hebrew, so it made sense to introduce some iconography. We also set about devising a color code to differentiate sections and functionality with the application.

Updated desktop UI

Over the course of two years, we worked in collaboration with the back-end team, working iteratively to improve existing functionality and add new features. It was really enjoyable, but also challenging to work on a project where the user base was active and extremely vocal in their criticism of our updates. When we got it right, we rarely heard about it. When we got it wrong, feedback was quick, as was our response to make adjustments.

The RoomChecking suite of apps has expanded from the original two apps, to a total of five distinct but connected UIs to meet the requirements of various user roles and targeted at different devices and screen resolutions according to the user needs.

In early 2014, we created the UI and front-end for a new iteration aimed initially at Android tablets, and later optimized for mobile, in response to user feedback that they were using the app mainly on mobile.

Tech app for Android devices

In the course of the development, we have led the design and UI implementation for various new features, including galleries, a chat client and statistics pages.

Chat application

In 2014 RoomChecking joined the Microsoft Ventures accelerator program and we are very happy for their success and to have played a part in it.