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Take Flight Coffee

Take Flight Coffee

The Opportunity

As a growing startup ourselves, we welcome the opportunity to help other startups get their projects off the ground... to "Take Flight". So it was a pleasure to work with Take Flight Coffee on the development of their new web and e-commerce site.

It was also a pleasure to work with multi-award winning Visual Designer, Jeremy Mende, and his team at MendeDesign, who were responsible for the exquisite branding and visual design of the site.


The designer's vision for the navigation of the site, was based on a desire for the user to explore and play. We were able to suggest and implement some slight adjustments to the navigation which maintains the whimsical nature of the design, but is more in line with basic UX principles.

The minimalist home page design, a slideshow of coffee quotes, presented a challenge for SEO, as it fell short of recommended content both in terms of length and site relevance. We suggested adding some content to the home page, but through discussion with the client, it was clear that this was the desired aesthetic. So we were able to implement the design and improve SEO ranking with a little P&P (patience and persistence). And since SEO is an ongoing battle, we implemented the tools and spent time training the client so they can continue to manage content from an SEO perspective and maintain ranking over time.

Minimalist home page and navigation design.

The e-commerce ordering allows customers to place one off coffee orders, and to create subscription orders. We were able to translate the designer's vision for the highly custom subscription ordering interface into code that can be managed and extended in the CMS.

Highly customized subscription order UI.